Kim Kardashian Sextape Video

When Kim Kardashian and Ray J leaked their sextape online in 2007, the web exploded with people looking to download the tape. The sextape has been hailed as one of the raunchiest videos ever made by celebri ties in the spotlight - and it can be seen right here! Kim K Superstar is over an hour long and follows the couple on their beach vacation where the action takes place. Ray J can be seen penetrating Kim Kardashian from just about every angle possible - some very nice views of Kim's ass and va-jay jay are in the video.

Kim has remained in the media and gossip world and continues to explode in popularity with her amazing good looks and ridiculous antics. Kim has dated many of the world's best athletes including Reggie Bush and Ronaldo; who will be next? Perhaps she will decide to make another sextape and smash her face into the spotlight even further! Don't miss seeing Kim completed exposed before it's too late!

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Ray J with Kim K

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

This is a screenshot from Kim K Superstar, part way through the sextape as Kim takes it like a star from Ray J. Look at that thing bounce! Kim Kardashian Sextape

Here are several screenshots of Kim working Ray J's wang! Kim Kardashian Sextape

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a true Armenian beauty - a role model for busty women around the world. Enjoy seeing her take a big one on tape!

How do you become famous only for being famous? Ask the Kardashian family who unapologetically monetizes on this cliché of fame. Officially, the Kardashian clan confirmed pulling in 65 million dollars in 2010. If you have been living under a rock, or actually doing something with your life then you might not know that the Kardashian family includes members: Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, Robert, Kendall, Kylie, and Olympian Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner.

The Kardashian empire was virtually unknown until four years ago when the Kim Kardashian sex tape scandal with R&B singer Ray J "leaked". The sex tape incident single handedly launched Kim and the Kardashian family into stardom. Kim Kardashian's mother, and her manager Kris, helped Kim and the family spin the scandal into something "positive"- like the mind numbing reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. This fascinating television saga, has transfixed audiences worldwide to experience what is it is like to be famous just for being famous. Without the sex tape scandal the family would still be under the radar, and much less prominent. America watches the drama of the family unfold with: extravagant shopping expeditions, waxing, famous boyfriends, infighting, and other vacuous events. Interestingly enough, on an episode early in the season, Kim who poses for Playboy, complains about how she wants to change her life around and not take her clothes off so she can be taken seriously!

Girls! Listen up! Do you want to become famous? Well let me tell you how it is done- tell your Mom that you want her to be your manager for your sex tape. Second, find someone famous to have sex with, and then get the film rolling! Voila! You can be a superstar too! You really don't have to accomplish anything other than your rendezvous with a famous man.

Kim Kardashian has skyrocketed to fame due to the infamous sex tape with Ray-J but since then she has had endorsement deals together with: Bebe, Sketchers, and even diet pills. This train doesn't stop and continues on and on with paid appearances, Twitter, and fragrances! The branding empire has extended to the family with three spin-off shows on the E! Entertainment Television Network since Keeping up with the Kardashians. So lesson learned: to be famous you don't have do anything worthwhile, and more importantly you don't even have to get an education…well maybe your Daddy does! All you have to do girls is have sex on tape! It is that simple. That is how you get famous and make lots of money. Thanks Kim!